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Northern California lifestyle and travel photographer, Christopher Chang, took this stunning shot of a stately mansion in Sedona, Arizona. The sprawling estate with private observatory is located at 503 Chapel Drive, Sedona, Arizona. If you’ve ever been to the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, you’ve likely seen this property. There are a number of rumours circulating around as to who owns it including Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, or the guy behind the Girls Gone Wild empire. It’s said to be actually owned by Ioan and Elena Cosmescu. (By Christopher Chang Photography)
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Check your preconceived notions about Romania at the door. Your experience here will not be defined by encounters with street children, Gypsy's, or Dracula... more ...
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Cultural events, shows, Romanian Festival, sport events, etc. organized by the Romanian community in Arizona.
The Romanian Orthodox Church, by far the largest denomination (in Romania), claims some 86% of the total country population (2011 census)... more ...
Exaltation of the Holy Cross church in Phoenix Arizona USA is a mission parish of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, a diocese of The Orthodox Church in America and our Pastor is V. Reverend Father Alin Munteanu.
We like good food and we miss things that were common back home but are hard to find here. If you know the hidden places where we can find good "mititei" or other Romanian food, stores where we can buy Romanian products, let us know
Language, religion, traditions… basic things that we cannot exist without… or we can but then we are not Romanian anymore.... more ...
Internet links to other Romanian communities around the world.
There are many Romanian professionals in Arizona. If you prefer Romanian language or just out of national pride… give your business to your compatriot.
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The inherent downside in a life of pursuing women is the possibility of inadvertently catching one.